Bouncing Bastard Berlioz Bared!

Giant maid, Martin (left) sitting near Berlioz (right) in a sneaky paparazzi painting.

CLASSIC LOUIS! Recently it’s been uncovered that one of history’s greatest composers, Louis-Hector Berlioz, fathered an illegitimate child with his live-in maid!

The shocking truth was discovered a century and a half after Berlioz’s death in 1869 when a letter addressed to “my dear love” from a Elise Martin was found in his pants pocket.

In the steamy letter, Martin confessed her deep love for him and also revealed that their affair resulted in the birth of a son named Armando.

Berlioz never acknowledged the boy or publicly admitted to having an affair with Martin, but several of his friends stated that he visited her frequently and even left some money for her after his passing.

This scandal has rocked the classical music world and many are wondering why Berlioz kept such a big secret hidden for so long. Was it shame? Guilt? Or maybe even… love? 🤔😱