Eminem: Franklin InFATuates!

Eminem with “Fat Stacks”, his nickname for the founding father.

POOR RICHARD! In the latest round of outrageous celebrity rumors, it has been alleged that famed rapper Eminem is obsessed with Benjamin Franklin’s fat rolls. The allegations surfaced when an anonymous source close to Eminem revealed that he had been secretly collecting images of the 18th-century statesman and his rotund physique for several years.

The source claims that Eminem often spends hours poring over photos of Franklin, focusing intently on the excess folds of skin around his stomach, chest, and neck.

According to the source, the rapper often mutters under his breath “Damn, those are some fine looking rolls” while examining the pictures.

For now, Eminem has declined to comment on the rumors surrounding his unusual interest in Franklin’s body. However, many fans are wondering whether this strange obsession will inspire new music from the iconic rapper.

Only time will tell if Eminem’s alleged fixation on Benjamin Franklin will spark creative output.