Sauce: The Final Frontier!

Majel and her magical balls.

COULD IT BE TRUE? According to legend, in 1968, Star Trek’s Majel Barrett and Grace Lee Whitney got into a heated argument on-set while on their lunch break together.

The subject of the argument was allegedly Barrett’s spaghetti and meatballs recipe; both women claimed credit for the dish present in the fridge, leading to a heated exchange that escalated to the point of making national headlines!

Ultimately, the public sided with Barrett as the originator of the dish. She went on to become an acclaimed actress, director, and producer in Hollywood.

Meanwhile, Whitney’s career seemed to suffer from the controversy, as she struggled to find work in the wake of the scandal. Her career never recovered.

Despite this, Whitney continued to claim credit for Barrett’s recipe to anyone who would listen, right up until her death in 2008.