Guitar Glue Changed Elvis’ Life Forever!

HOUND DOG! Elvis Presley was a teenager when his life took a sudden and unexpected turn. While walking home one evening he stumbled upon a small gathering of local musicians who had set up their instruments in a dark alleyway.

After listening intently to their conversations, Elvis found himself talking and joking along with them, unaware of how his presence and growing confidence would change the course of his life forever.

The musicians were trying to perfect a new sound they had been experimenting with: guitar strings dipped in glue, which when plucked produced an eerie and unique musical tone.

When Elvis, captivated by the sound, began to play and sing, the chemistry between them all was instantaneous and unstoppable. They knew they had something special, and thus set off on a path that was to lead them all to international stardom within months.

Fast forward to present day, and Elvis still remembers that momentous night with a smile as wide as the Mississippi River.