AD: Arnold Ziffel…Is Back!

Eva Gabor and Eddie Albert (back row) getting ready to grease up the fun.

OINK! Fans of the classic TV sitcom Green Acres will be delighted to hear about the upcoming series Green Acres: The Next Generation!

The original quaint little village of Hooterville has been transplanted to THE MOON!

The new series follows the lives of two generations of the original characters, their children and grandchildren. With plenty of laughs, heartwarming moments, and the same lovable characters fans have come to know and love, Green Acres: The Next Generation is sure to bring joy to television audiences everywhere.

Following in the footsteps of its predecessor, this show will focus on family values, with a healthy dose of humor, adventure, and oxygen farming thrown in for good measure.

Join us for a space age take on an old favorite as we embark on this exciting new journey!

Green Acres: The Next Generation premieres May 14th on ABC.

Don’t miss it! #AD